Monday, January 25, 2010

How to make all-natural rainbow cupcakes: guest post at!

The other day the talented artist and all-around-terrific food person Carol Egbert invited me to write a guest post for her.  I couldn't be more thrilled - her illustrations and recipes are such that my post blushes to rub shoulders with them.  You really must take a moment to check out her beautiful site, and while you're there, you can visit my un-recipe post on making the famous rainbow cupcake with a twist: all-natural fruit and spice colors!


  1. I love your guest post! I often make rainbow cakes and feel terribly guilty when it comes to eating all of those colours- what an awesome way to cut out the guilt! :)

  2. Really cute post. I liked the swirl puree photos!

    ps: Take your adventures one step further by experimenting with rainbow cakes from scratch. I looked at the puree mini recipes and you could use those in any basic yellow or white cake recipe that uses milk, just tweak the other ingredients a teeny bit. Go for it!

  3. @Sanjana - I know, the colors are so fun but there is a part of me that thinks the same thing :)

    @Erika - I'm so glad you mentioned this! This was my "dip a toe in" baking venture, and I promise I will dive in eventually. I just need a little push from the experts like you!... and maybe some arm floaties. :D


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